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Your recorded tracks deserve the same love, care, and inspiration just like when you recorded them. Bring them to life with us. Tell me more…

Online Mastering

Bring your fans the same clarity, punch, warmth and dynamics in your music. Sound as professional as the major label artists.

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Everything Else

Looking for something specific? Contact us directly for all your needs. With our expertise in producing, sound design, vocal tuning & edits, we’ve got you covered!

Experienced. Knowledgeable. Affordable.


Why Vivid Mastering?


Since Vivid Mastering is one person, you work directly with the mastering engineer from submitting your song, to receiving it. No middleman, no miscommunications.


Zip. Drop. Wait. Receive. Since we offer online mastering, you don’t have to go out and look for an overpriced service.


Would you let someone without dentistry education work on your teeth? The same should apply for your music. I have professional audio engineering education, as well as experience in major recording studios.

Sound good so far?

Listen to some of my past clients’ work, and even some of my own personal music that I’ve produced, mixed and mastered! Still unsure? Try a FREE sample of our online mastering, you have nothing to lose!

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